Upcycling Books

Who knew?!  I thought the upcycling book projects were relegated to rogue internet crafters and Pinterest lurkers… but lo and behold there are entire BOOKS published on the topic!

And my wallet loves the fact that the main three that interest me all happen to be at my library! I wonder what new ideas they can offer me. Most of MY books remain intact and I’m not sure if any of these projects are appropriate for children’s picture books… but it’s worth a look!

Tonight, my two year old threw The Giving Tree into the bathtub and let it soak for 10 minutes before telling me about it.  *Sniffle*… it will not be able to be repurposed and most certainly will need to be replaced when I get the chance.  I do however have 3 or 4 very exciting books waiting in my craft closet wings for projects… maybe these books will provide inspiration… ?