The Thornbush

As I’ve said before, my Lenten and Easter book picks are pretty slim.  There are a couple glorious Easter books that tell the story of Easter, but really there isn’t a whole lot out there that is specifically seasonally related like the way there is for Christmas. New to our basket this year is The Thornbush which tells of the little bush that ended up providing the crown of thorns for Jesus’ head. So, I’m not in LOVE with the book.  I am, however, in LIKE with the book.  The concept makes up for where the actual storytelling may lack, and Jesus isn’t TOO Caucasian looking (I always roll my eyes at our ethnocentrism.) at least. Most of all, it offers a different perspective from the scene of Christ’s passion and I loved the ending line about how his crown was far greater than gold or silver. The personification of the bush felt a little weird to me… although I don’t know why since I have no problem with trees being personified or flowers being personified in the same seasonal genre. Maybe because no one ever talks about bushes?  There is something more aesthetically palatable about trees and flowers that feel?  I don’t know. Whatever the case may be, I am glad to have purchased this book for a new angle on the Easter story.  I have and love Wildsmith’s Easter Story of course (THE best) and also Fiona French’s Easter for the actual tale of Easter (need to get my hands on some Inos Biffi books), but no really great corollary, non-religious stories in the Easter season except Rechenka’s Eggs, and a couple other egg titles. The nice thing about The Thornbush is that it’s a useful story to illustrate the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery also… so it doesn’t have to be specifically an Easter title.  Some pictures:


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    1. Ellie

      Thank you Erin! I loved seeing your personal star ratings for each title and am glad especially to hear a good recommendation of Easter Eggs for Anya… I was unsure about that one but will have to seek it out (along with making Inos Biffi a priority!)

      Also, I've never heard of Vinegar Boy!! I wish I'd know about it sooner in Lent… I'd love to use it as a read aloud. Definitely bookmarking it for next year. Thanks!

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