The Glory of Blue on Blue

Sneaking in at the end of 2014 is the book to rule them all.  My favorite title of last year… Blue on Blue.  I can’t help it. It’s everything I love: simple cadence, glorious illustrations, storms coming and passing, and enough imagery in the book to make it feel like it was sliced right out of my favorite kind of geography: saltwater, trees, farmland, green, blue, … oh the joy!

This is a book I’m putting on both my personal “To Buy” list and on my gifting list to others.  Such a keeper… I’m deliberately not posting any interior artwork (from Beth Krommes who is best known for her work in The House in the Night, but I loved her best in Grandmother Winter) because I believe the less you know the more you’ll savor the treat. Just promise me that when (not if!) you see this book, you’ll give it the proper time and pacing it deserves.  With a little deliberation in your reading… it’ll be magical.


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