S is for Salmon… and Sadness and Suspension

This is me today:

I earned a tiny commission check from my essential oil business today.  I proudly deposited it with the responsible intention of paying library fees that have reached their limit (after $25 you can’t check out books anymore).  Cleared that slate and then remembered with disgruntledness that my toddler had ruined a book recently which we will now have to buy. And then the kicker: I noticed on my account that I had 13 books a week late.  In dollar terms that’s about $26 at this particularly stingy library. Crimeny.  Boo. Wail.  Lament. So now, when all is said and done… it’s a $70 day at the library.  This is no bueno. 
My usually supportive husband may put us on library suspension for a while again (I’ve been there before… it was a deserved sentence… but not one fun to serve!).
 In other news, I’d like to suggest a lovely, lovely little new book: S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet.  If you live in the Northwest, or know someone who does or are studying the area… this is a wonderful book to own or give as a gift.  I love paper cutting artwork and Hannah Viano does an excellent job in this.  This is a REAL alphabet book, designed for little ones with the perfect amount of text.  It is not the encyclopedic or contrived type of state book that you’ll find in the  “Discover America State by State” series (like E is for Evergreen: A Washington State Alphabet ).  (As a disclaimer, there is reference to a plant being millions of years old… Creationists may object to this. I personally present such “facts” in books as simply “theories” while staying happily within the boundaries of what my faith allows.)