3 thoughts on “Right On The Money

  1. Eva

    Well, I don't think the article is completely right. I have a son who grows up in a household full of books, both parents have college degrees, we don't have a TV and no video games, etc. However, my son does not like to read fiction. He reads statistics in newspapers, he reads in encyclopedias or non-fiction books, but never a lot. He never picks up a fiction book. I read to him and my other children daily. So there must be something else the reason. He is a bright child, does very well with his school work, but only reads when I tell him to. Maybe some boys (and girls) simply don't like to read!

  2. Ellie

    Of course, it's not all inclusive (most rules aren't…) but I do think the article is still largely right for MOST CASES. There will always be exceptions as seems to be the case with your son!

  3. Eva

    Hm, I still don't know if that is true for most cases. I do think that there are plenty of children that are more hands-on people and that simply don't enjoy to read. And that's a good thing because otherwise, who would become a plumber, a carpenter, a cook, etc.? I'm not saying that those people necessarily don't like to read, but their emphasis might not be on good books, but on doing something with their hands.

    p.s. I don't want to start a discussion on this, in fact, I hate to argue and contradict people, but I always feel sorry for people who simply are not the reading type, but have other strengths.

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