Night Knight: Pick of the Week

Here is a fresh bedtime story!  Released in the US just this year, Night Knight(not to be confused with the fun little homonym book: Night, Knight is an excellent end-of-the-day ritual book. There are few words… but it is the artwork  that is truly memorable.  The limited palette is so rich to look at; I was surprised that this was done entirely with digital media. It reminds me just a tad of some of Maurice Sendak’s work.  One reviewer hit it spot on: you could essentially buy the book just to cut up (*gasp*) for the artwork to hang in a young lad’s room… it’s that good.  Anyway, this was one of those welcome surprise grabs from the library and my five year old son and I had a good time exploring some of the pictures.  I am eager now to check out author/illustrator Owen Davey’s original, wordless story: Foxly’s Feast.


1 thought on “Night Knight: Pick of the Week

  1. Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Thank you for the recommendation. I was one of the first to get it from our library, and I have to agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. This book captures our little boys completely! So neat to look through their eyes.

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