Library pick of the week

I mentioned this book in my Top 10 list for spring, but we don’t actually own it. Yet. After going through the library books that we’ve gotten this week, it looks like pretty standard fare (except for the fact that this branch had a Tin Tin book that the boys haven’t read yet… so that was exciting. But Tin Tin really does deserve his own post.) so I’m going to have to choose this as our book of the week. I need to just buy it already as we’ve checked out this (and it’s companion An Egg Is Quiet) enough times to convince me that there really is long-term relationship possibility here that needs to be assessed. The boys have loved finding which seeds we recognized in this book and are eager to identify monocots and dicots now. I had some old navy beans from last week’s soup that we covered in a wet paper towel and put them in a plastic baggy to see what would happen. A few days later, they began sprouting and shell shedding and now are ready to plant. Probably the easiest and most beginner-friendly science experiment ever. So without further ado, I can not recommend enough A Seed Is Sleepy.