Costco’s Picture Book Picks and Passes

This time of year always brings out interesting picture book options at Costco.  Some good. Some bad. Some meh.

Two years ago I was delighted to find the entire Beatrix Potter collection for $24.99.  It wasn’t, sadly, the smallish books Potter deliberately sized to fit into a child’s hand.  But they were still attractively done (The pictures weren’t enlarged though the book size was and I was glad for that.) and for an entire boxed set of the individual titles, I thought it a steal. This year, Costco has brought back the World of Peter Rabbit for the same price… but it is bound in one anthology. I flipped through it; the original pictures are there.  But I just can’t stomach the idea of all those delightful little books not having the dignity of their own individual cover.  So for that, I pass.

Other offerings are fairly unremarkable  (though I am always happy to see the boxed editions of the BOB reading books there frequently… a great deal!) but you will find some excellent selections by Jan Brett, perfect for gift giving.  The hardbound copies of The Twelve Days of Christmas and Home for Christmas are both priced a couple dollars cheaper than’s!  But the best titles are the giant, oversized board books of The Three Snow Bears and The Mitten for only $8.99.  (I didn’t include links because I want you to get the best deal at the store!)

*While you’re at Costco, check out their cotton flannel sheets by the way… super cute prints this year and the best price in town at $15 for a twin set (we gave a set to each child a few years ago for Christmas). In years past, the cutest prints go quickly so get to them before the last minute Christmas herds descend upon the selection.