brief pick and pass

I just wanted to briefly mention the best and worst library grabs of the week.  Both were chosen by the children and approved by me:

WORST: Goldilicious.  Brought to you courtesy of the 2 year old who loves all things pink and princessy right now.  This is part of the uber-saccharine, girly series: Pinkalicious, Silverlicious, Purplelicious, etc. The book had nothing objectionable in it so I allowed it as some cotton candy fluff to our stack.  It does make great fun to watch a big, strong papa read this book to his little girl though… (I’ll have to seek out some traditional, old school princesses to keep this up.)

BEST: King Midas and the Golden Touch.  I can always count on my discerning nine year old to seek out quality artwork and full, satisfying stories.  We have loved Kinuko Y. Craft’s illustrations in the past and she doesn’t disappoint at all in this gorgeous retelling of the famous story.