An Alphabet Book for Adults… ?

I picked up this fun little book at the library last week. It must be one of the most clever alphabet books around. Each word contains the word “ant” in it… even if some of the references are totally over the heads of children; R is for Rembrant. K is for Kant (Immanuel). As an adult I got a kick out of reading the book. I loved the illustrations all the way through. My only complaint that keeps this from ousting another book to earn a spot on my Top Ten list is the fact that they dropped the ball on Y and Z. (Usually X is the major cop-out but they came up with “Xanthophile” for that) Y is for “Your Ant Yetta” and Z is for “Antzzzzz.” Pity. Despite these little complaints, Antics!by Cathi Hepworth would be fun read for children of all ages… adults too!