a new policy in saving the world…

I had fun giving away a couple saint books this last week. I get just as much joy as the recipients must get from winning I think. I want to do giveaways more. I especially like how ‘small beans’ my following is here to the point that I can write entries on a whiteboard and have a 3 year old point to a name to choose a winner. No raffle-copter technology need apply when you didn’t go into blogging to make it big time.

The point is this: my Amazon affiliate money is now going to be turned right back around to my audience. Unless by some absurd stroke of fate, I start to generate revenue in the thousands of dollars, I am delighted to use my average $15 – $20 per quarter or so to decide to purchase and give away whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

I get to give great books.
It doesn’t cost me a thing.
I am happy to know that bookshelves all over are being filled with beautiful things.
It’s my mission to bring beauty into the world.

Beauty is evangelization.

And as Dostoevsky said: “Beauty will save the world.”

So my link clicks are now dedicated to saving the world.

Carry on…


2 thoughts on “a new policy in saving the world…

  1. October Rose

    I just discovered your blog when another blogger linked to your recent giveaway. I was SO excited. 🙂 Thank you for doing such a beautiful job sharing the beauty and truth you find with your readers!

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