A New Noah’s Ark Book… and the Best One Yet

 Up until now, Jerry Pinkney’s gorgeous Noah’s Ark book was as good as one could ever hope for. I mean, it features his beautiful artwork and offers a faithful retelling of the story. I had no complaints and used it faithfully for my Jesse Tree Picture Book readings.

And then, along came the MET to one up him. Released a couple months ago is the most beautiful Noah’s Ark book on the market to date.  Linda Falkin’s Noah’s Ark takes the cake. This one is my new favorite, narrowly eeking past the Pinkney title just for the awesome art appreciation opportunities within its covers. The text is straight from the Bible and each page features a different artist’s full color, full spread reproduction of the famed scenes. It’s awesome and visually engaging and highly recommended. Anytime I can make the great masters part of my children’s everyday life, I will do so with gladness. If you own just one picture book on this story, make it this one.

Joseph_Anton_Koch_006 the_arkAurelio-Luini-Rising-in-the-Ark


3 thoughts on “A New Noah’s Ark Book… and the Best One Yet

    1. Knowloveserve Post author

      The greatness of the MET book shouldn’t be seen as a detraction from Pinkney’s. His is the one I own and I still love it. But given that the text is comparable, if I had to pick just one, I’d pick exposure to several great artists and paintings over illustrations…


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