A Giveaway: WINNER!

I don’t know about you guys but I find these little giveaways with a 1 in 7 (one was on FB) chance and a toddler picking the winner to be just delightfully giddy and entertaining!  The winner of this one is “The Herring Family” — you’ll be getting your book soon, congrats!

In honor of my ridiculous foray into starting a Facebook page, I’m giving away a book. Not just any book but one of the single most influential books on me as a child: Blueberries for Sal. I’m hoping you already have this book (you should) but if so, save it for a gift for someone else.  I chose this one as a plea to the universe to let summer come this way… and no summer is complete without Sal. All you need to do is comment here saying “Yay!” or some other exclamation of enthusiasm… 

“Liking” me on Facebook is not necessary to enter this giveaway… but I encourage you to like my page anyway… if you actually do so you can receive occasional bits of news and giveaways and the like…

You have until the 31st to enter… happy days to you!


7 thoughts on “A Giveaway: WINNER!

  1. Sarah Doll

    Woohoo! I'd love to enter. 🙂 We sadly do NOT have this book, but it's been on my wishlist for awhile, it's the sweetest story!

  2. Monica

    We always check this one out from the library during "B" week. I'm new to your blot, you have great taste in picture books!!

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