Yosef’s Gift of Many Colors

IMG_7579I know it’s getting too late to make plans for new books in your Easter book basket, but I loved this book I just received so much that I couldn’t wait until next year to show you all.  Unlike Christmas titles, we don’t have a ton of Easter books in our house, but I really treasure the handful that we do have. Yosef’s Gift of Many Colors is another beautiful book that celebrates the Ukrainian tradition of pysanka.  It’s slightly obscure compared to the other more popular books on this topic (notably Rechenka’s EggsEaster Eggs for Anya or Nina’s Treasures) but this one is specifically folky and simple… my favorite of the pysanka lot.

The story is about a father who wants to present something that represents his family at church on Good Friday. When he creates beautiful egg art and tries so hard to make it just perfect, an accident happens that makes him reconsider what perfect really is…

Enjoy these inside pictures… and have a beautiful Easter!








5 thoughts on “Yosef’s Gift of Many Colors

  1. Jennifer Gregory Miller

    We love this book! It’s the best one to explain simply how pysanky is made. My only objection to the book is that it is not culturally accurate. Women were the only ones allowed to do the pysanky, and they did it in secret. Young girls would be trained at some point, but men traditionally did not do pysanky.

    Those cultural restrictions are no more, but the book’s time period isn’t modern times.

    1. Knowloveserve Post author

      I never realized that until this year Jenn! But I was at least grateful that the author made note of it in the back of the book. Ah well… one often has to suspend reality for the sake of a story I guess. 🙂


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