(Theoretical) Library Pick of the Week

This is theoretical because we’ve not actually checked this book out. It was on our holds queue and I was devastated when I couldn’t pick it up. Truth be told, we are currently blocked from the county library system. Apparently they don’t tolerate a $40 bill. See, when your library charges 25 cents/day/book for overdue items, this really, really adds up when you are checking out 30-40 books at a time. Now, there is no excuse really, we live within walking distance to our local library. But the trouble is when we “lose” a book (it’s under a mattress or behind the piano) and another user has holds on it, it is unable to be renewed… and accrues late fees. Couple that with an unfortunate incident involving a wiggly boy, a large glass of water and a $20 book, and your account quickly goes into the delinquent status. (As I type we are racking up fees for one errant book: Babar Visits Another Planet— because it is unable to be renewed since our account is delinquent and it is nowhere to be found) Meanwhile, the library keeps sending me notices that I have holds to be picked up which agonize me that I can’t pick up until our account is paid off–maybe next payday. But I digress.

I am certain that A Butterfly Is Patientis a fantastic book in the same vein as this author’s other two mentioned books here: An Egg Is Quietand A Seed Is Sleepy. I loved how the other two books wove readers into a spell of story and science and found the illustrations and prose delightfully engaging… these would certainly be worthwhile books to invest in full price for both the sake of its beauty and its academic merit. A Butterfly is Patient was released this May and after a 30 second perusal at a small bookstore on the Oregon Coast, I was convinced it merited mention even if I’ve not read it in its entirety yet. So look for it and its predecessors as soon as you’re in the mood for delight!


2 thoughts on “(Theoretical) Library Pick of the Week

  1. The Cichy's

    I actually read Babar Visits Another Planet with Gabriel and Miriam one afternoon at your house, haha! I'm sure you've looked but it was in the book basket next to the couch.

  2. Amanda

    Okay, so this is not related to the book, but more the banned from the library part. Found you through a post on 4real. This is actually about to happen to me, as we do all of our renewing online and you can't once you reach $10 of fines.. and then it all spirals, right? And now we've got that one missing everywhere book..Anyway, I'm glad in a strange way that this happens to other responsible people and I'm not just a terrible citizen and keeper of books. And this is a neat blog. 🙂

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