The NEXT Top Ten Alphabet Books

I can’t help it; there are so many good ones!  Whether it’s lovely alphabet books that tell a story or clever ones that explore a concept or theme, the genre is loaded with many books that are much better than any disconnected alphabet books that may exist. So, here is my Top 10 NEXT best Alphabet Books… to be taken as a follow-up to the first titles that made the cut.

 Alligators All Around by Maurice Sendak is one title I can’t believe I forgot on the first list! Maurice Sendak at his best and I really love the size of this book. This is an important piece of psychological consideration authors and publishers have to make.

ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag. Here is a sweet, simple story (decked out in Gag’s wonderfully folksy illustrations) that just happens to be an alphabet book.

 The Z Was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg.  The man who thrives in the “books noir” category has given us a clever little treat detailing the demise of all the letters of the alphabet.  Whether the B gets bitten or the K gets kidnapped, this is a fun book for kids just past the toddler stage.

 On Market Street by Arnold Lobel.  There is nothing super clever about the text in this book, it’s the illustrations that make it shine.  Watching the man get smothered by his purchases on market street will be sure to evoke giggles from all.

 The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni.  Now this is an unusual alphabet book.  Rather it’s a story about phonics and literacy and team-building.  Don’t expect the typical “A is for…” Instead it’s a learning adventure, good for slow-to-start readers perhaps.

 The Alphabet Game by Trina Schart Hyman.  No story here, just pictures filled with words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  I am a fan of Schart-Hyman’s work in the fairy tale genre and this came as a refreshing addition to her opus. It’s another small book for small hands… I love those.

 Anno’s Alphabet.  Who doesn’t love Anno?!  Each page spread features a letter and an accompanying picture of something starting with that letter.  It works the brain though too; there are hidden images in the border… lovely all around.

 The Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vacarro Seeger.  A truly clever book. Each letter contains the shape somehow of objects beginning with that letter.  A fun exercise for kids to figure out what it’s trying to detail.  Check out the product video on Amazon.

 Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks From A to Z.  The classic.  All homes should have this in their baby basket.  It’s one of the best, simple and most engaging books for toddlers ever.  Get it now.

 ABC3D by Marion Bataille.  I love this book even though I won’t own it.  See, it’s a pop-up and we have a volatile relationship with pop-ups here in this house.  But I see it’s tremendous benefits especially for kids who may struggle with dyslexia or other learning issues.  It offers a tangible, tactile presence of the letter and that is valuable for many, many learners.