Raising Discerning Souls

It was one of those beautiful, mothering moments when you are just so exquisitely happy and relieved that something you’ve tried to model and teach by example… has stuck:

My nine year old rifling through the bin of books to collect his prize for the library summer reading program– Mom holding her breath, as she does every year waiting to veto a Goosebumps title or to simply roll her eyes at the twaddle-rific Star Wars books. (These types are always plentiful in giveaway programs.) So he finally makes his selection and brings it to me: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

“Nothing else looked very good,” he states casually.

Mother bursts with pride… for we have no time to waste with the mediocre.


1 thought on “Raising Discerning Souls

  1. Meredith

    Ellie, this happens to my kids every summer!! The older two still have book reviews to turn in from last year as there were no good choices in the drawer, sigh…Best to have the discernment and scrap the garbage 🙂 Happy Saturday!!

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