Library Pick of the Week

I hope to highlight the best of our library picks each time we get new books. These posts won’t usually contain the classics that I love (though we do recheck those out plenty), but simply the best of the current bunch in our basket. Considering that we carefully pick out books and pick out a good 30 or so at a time… this has to be a fairly impressive book to make it into the post.

Today it is King Midas and the Golden Touchby the Charlotte Craft and illustrated by the incredibly talented Kinuko Craft (Charlotte’s daughter). Forget that this is an excellent and faithful retelling of this famous myth… it’s Kinuko’s illustrations that make it a sublime offering to any reader. Each page could be cut out and framed into it’s own piece of delicious art. We discovered K.Y Craft with the excellent Pegasusbook and are now on the hunt in the library buffet line for anything illustrated by her. The detail and magic of it all will delight you. Highly recommended!