I judged a book by its cover.

deceptively fantastic…

… I gambled. And I lost the gamble.  I stumbled across the book Baby Born and fell in love with the cover art.  I read the reviews. I got a tiny taste of the inside and I was certain it was going to be my next, undiscovered gem to rave about here.  I imagined an Elisa Kleven style inside. I have a winter baby to whom I was eager to present this book as a gift (it’s ideal for a first birthday present.)

But I don’t love it. The burst of color is there. But the pages are fairly few. The verse feels very prosaic. And there is a weird technique done with the faces and hairlines of the people inside that just slightly crossed the line of “quirky cool” to “quirky ugly”… in my opinion.  The book is okay. I’m not going to get rid of it… because my three year old was excited to see a new book in the “baby basket”, but I’ve no plans to ever replace it, and I certainly wouldn’t spend a precious $8 on it. There will be no loving inscription written to my daughter in this; I’ll choose something else (something safer).

So it just goes to show you that even a book with a (as of this date) “perfect” 5 star review can’t necessarily be trusted.  But that cover is gorgeous isn’t it?!