Here Comes Jack Frost

This isn’t exactly new (2009) and it isn’t exactly obscure but I wanted to give a plug for a new addition to our Winter Basket this year: Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara.  Kohara made waves in the picture book world with her Halloween title Ghosts in the House but I think Jack Frost is really where she shines best.

The books screams WINTER through and through because of its crisp two toned blues and whites and it’s sharp linocut illustrations.  It’s lighthearted, sparkly and a fun addition to the mid-late winter category of books. Jack Frost visits a bored little boy and they have all sorts of fun until the hint of spring chases Jack Frost away.  The book would make an excellent springboard for resist-art based projects with children.  I’m particularly fond of this winter birch tree art project (then again, I’m particularly fond of birch trees in general…) which seems very, very easy to do! Enjoy the book!