Have You Ever Done That?

Bring on summertime!  I’ve been wanting to write about some titles to accompany my Top Ten Summer Books list but it sure doesn’t feel like summer around here yet! I’m writing this from a chilly house, wearing a long gray sweater and leggings under my skirt.  It’s drizzling gray outside. Such is the Puget Sound life. Yeah,  I’m ready for some sun already.  Have You Ever Done That? by Julie Larios is a lovely book to get you in the mood.  Evocative language.  Read it sweet and slow and soak it up.  It’s not so much a story as a poem of questions… and the illustrations by Anne Hunter are so simple and childlike.  Perfect for this text.

Have you ever slept outside on a hot summer night? Everything looks different in the moon’s strange light.  The trees seem to whisper so you bravely whisper back.  Outside at night.  Have you ever done that?