Bargain Book Roundup!

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, I don’t blame you… it’s close to $80.  But if you DO have one, you’ll know as I do, that it is a wonderful, wonderful gem!  My husband bought one for my birthday this year, and I can’t tell you how much I love just buying a single item and having it at my door two days later.  No more waiting until I have $25 worth of purchases to get free, slow shipping. It’s great… plus the free streaming of certain videos has been nice too.  We’ve watched a few documentaries on there now and have many seasons of How Its Made to get through!

But I digress. I bring it up because it’s excellent when you find a bargain priced book on Amazon and you can just purchase it easily!  Occasionally, I take the time to peruse their bargain barrels; it’s a lot to wade through and so I usually narrow it down to just biographies, non-fiction, folk and fairy tales… above 4 star ratings.  It’s still a lot to wade through.  But I’ll save you some time and give you a current list of books I happened to uncover this week.  *Disclaimer: I’ve not read every single title here!*  But they “looked” good to me based on titles and illustrations and reviews. So you may already be familiar with them or want to splurge a few dollars to see if they may be jewels or not.  Bargain books are an excellent way to purchase books as gifts since they are brand new. They are a great place to find off-season holiday book and they also help fill in gaps for unit studies. The books listed below are all hardcover and under $8. The price is right… and quantities are (sometimes extremely) limited! I’ve bought a few of these titles myself this week (who needs to buy shoes, when you can have books instead?!)