mehereI am Ellie.  Woman and Daughter. Mother.  Writer. Reader. Teacher. Learner. Photographer. Picture book connoisseur. Crafter of many trades/master of none. Map lover. Pacific Northwesterner. Wild space hungry. INTJ. Melancholic-Choleric. Skeptic. Wanna-be beekeeper. Wanna-be linguist/polyglot. Musically inept. Woefully absent-minded.  Board game and thunderstorm enthusiast. World traveler someday. Catholic… the practicing kind. Fool… also the practicing kind.

I have been published in a small smattering of places online and in print but ultimately my goal is to share things to make thoughtful people think. And that is enough for me.


THE BLEEDING PELICAN: a double entendre

The Pelican Legend:  
 “There were hard times in the bird kingdom. After a fruitless search for food, a mother pelican returned hungry to the nest where five hatchlings awaited her. The famished baby birds made a racket, pecked at the mother’s plumage, beating their beaks against the mother’s breast.  The bird didn’t feel pain but was gripped by only one thought: how to get food for her offspring. With sharp pecks of her own beak, the mother scored her own breast and the rivulets of blood flowed into the mouths of the hungry offspring. Their lives were saved.”
The Bleeding Writer:
“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” —Hemingway